Work Process Analysis & Mapping

General Overview

Work Process Analysis & Mapping is a methodical deconstruction of core work processes to identify constraints directly affecting construction execution, focusing on alignment and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at each control juncture throughout the project organization. PER works closely with key personnel to verify actual versus target process execution, and understand sources of systematic variability that erode effective workface construction execution. A detailed, cross-functional process map is created, with constraints and prospective KPI's identified throughout, which indicate the most significant opportunities for improvement.

Working with stakeholders, processes are realigned to mirror project strategy. KPI's are refined for implementation to control variability and improve predictability, which are key to enabling improvements in construction efficiency and productivity. Reducing constraints in upstream processes can impact mid-stream and end-of-stream outcomes, as well as benefit future phases of construction.

Stand-Alone or Complementary Deployment to Statistical Productivity Improvement

This service is offered as a stand-alone solution but it is often performed in tandem with Statistical Productivity Improvement (SPI), given the complementary focus on construction key resources and the processes that deliver them. SPI quantifies the impact of productivity barriers, while Work Process Analysis & Mapping leans the processes affecting productivity.

PER can facilitate an organization through action plan implementation, encompassing the results of both services, to better capitalize on improvement opportunities.

Work Process Analysis & Mapping has been successfully applied on industrial construction and in disaster management services organizations. Our Work Process Analysis & Mapping service has the flexibility to be applied in any organizational setting.

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