What service procurement options are available to my company?

We provide different levels of procurement to adjust to our client's needs. Our offerings are summarized in the table below. The three different levels offered include: Tier 1, 2, and 3.

Tier 1 (Basic) Tier 2 (Advanced) Tier 3 (Integration)
Baseline Assessment post post post
Real-TIme SPI Data Collection & Analysis post post post
Polaris Process (Basic) post post
Continuous Improvement Tracking post post
Polaris Process (Advanced) post
Dedicated PER Analyst On-Site post
Improvement Facilitation post
On-Site Training * post post post
Polaris Process (Advanced) * post post
* Optional service that carries additional fees for that specific Tier.

Procurement Option Details

We offer different procurement options, starting from a single baseline assessment (Tier 1), all the way up to project integration solutions (Tier 3). The Basic procurement option (Tier 1) sets the starting point from where site performance metrics will be tracked and is the initial or baseline assessment conducted by PER on client premises.

Once the Baseline assessment has been completed, we continue analysis through Follow-up Assessments or the Advanced procurement option. Typically, assessment duration is reduced for follow-up assessments, since initial setup activities have been carried out or set up during the baseline.

Tier 1 (Basic)

Includes a single assessment carried out by team of PER analysts, matching project scope, with basic Polaris Process implementation.

Tier 2 (Advanced)

Same implementation as Tier 1, plus the addition of follow-up studies that allow clients to validate results obtained from changes made and/or new work stages

Tier 3 (Integration)

Baseline Assessment is carried out by team of PER analysts, with advanced Polaris Process implementation and Improvement Facilitation. Afterwards, a reduced number of the original PER team joins the project team for the duration of project.