Polaris Process Pilot Study

The pilot study for Polaris was the SER Project in Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and was sponsored by Syncrude (owner), Jacobs (contractor) and the Building Trades of Alberta (organized labor). All members were equally committed to implementing the principles of Polaris. The final result of the pilot study was the project experienced a ten percentage point gain in foreman availability. There were corresponding improvements to safety, quality and productivity. When compared to the same time window preceding Polaris implementation, safety incidents were cut by more than half.

Productivity performance exceeded plan for 3 months out of the 4 month duration (the final month was impacted by environmental conditions). The project had not experienced two consecutive months of above-plan productivity performance throughout the entire project until Polaris was implemented. Due to the better-than-planned productivity performance, the project was able to reduce its cost outlook by $11 million.

Click here for the client presentation on the pilot study.

Client Implementation Details

Client implementation involves training of a Polaris Administrator, collection and uploading of prescribed information, PER processing of reports, facilitation of improvement, followed by PER validation. Another value is comparisons with other client data on foreman availability once the database is built.

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