Benefit from Polaris Process

A thorough evaluation of foremen time distribution and daily responsibilities can lead to changes that optimize foreman time at the workface. Coupled with direct involvement of supervision in capturing the information and recommending improvements, this evaluation can lead to a more effective field supervision structure and a renewed commitment by field supervision to achieve lofty goals.

Our Polaris Process focuses on Foreman Availability at the workface through different tools. These include Foreman Alignment Index, Foreman Time Distribution and Foreman Availability through work sampling. Read more about what our service offers below.

Purpose and Objectives

  • Measure and monitor levels of foreman availability (physically available to their crews at the workface) to drive improvements in safety performance, execution efficiency, and productivity.
  • Discover responsibilities that take foremen away from the workface and understand the impact on the workforce.
  • Identify opportunities to improve foreman availability.

Expected Benefits of the Polaris Process

Successful implementation of the P2 process results in multiple benefits that are realized at all levels of construction execution. Some of the intended benefits of utilizing the P2 process include:

  • Improve accuracy of estimating, planning and scheduling
  • Improve efficiency of foreman responsibilities away from the workface (administrative duties, etc.)
  • Reduce work process variance
  • Improve safety performance
  • Foster a performance conscious workforce culture focused on work process improvement

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