Improving Project Performance Benefits

General Overview

Improving Project Performance (IPP) is a tool for Project Managers and Operations Managers structured as a systematic approach to Project Management. IPP’s systematic approach was developed considering the best practices of leading Project Management organizations.

Project Management System Key Elements

The objective of IPP is to provide Project Management with a systematic approach to managing their projects. It incorporates these three key elements into an integrated Project Management system:

  • Mobilization readiness assurance protocols
  • A compilation of execution measurements aimed at following the best practices identified by the entities mentioned below
  • Proven tools for optimizing performance in key areas such as safety, craft utilization efficiency, and client relationship management

To develop the pre-mobilization and execution metrics, IPP utilizes three references for information used in the program’s structure.

  • The Construction Industry Institute (CII), centered at the University of Texas at Austin. CII is a conglomeration of industry owners, contractors and academia who participate in research focused on the issues facing the construction industry. IPP is structured around CII’s identified best practice areas.
  • The Lean Construction Institute (LCI), operates as a catalyst to transform the industry to deliver projects using a lean operating system centered around a common language, fundamental principles and basic practices.
  • The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT), founded by and driven by many of the largest and most successful construction clients in the United States to provide the industry a strong, singular voice to help owners effect positive, meaningful change and improvements.

IPP is the culmination of these learnings structured as an integrated project management tool that will optimize performance on a full range of project types.

Why Use IPP?

To remain competitive and be established as a “world class” leader in project execution requires the continuous improvement of performance on projects. Clients and owners are driven by competitive pressures to increase performance. The results of increased performance must lead to lower cost, fit for purpose installations, and improvement of profitability.

IPP Benefits

Initially, IPP pre-mobilization assessments allow Project Management to systematically evaluate all potential value adding practices. In addition to the obvious benefits this evaluation brings the project, it also leads to future corporate correlations between performance and practices which were implemented or not. IPP metrics and report generation will allow projects to benchmark project performance in key Knowledge Areas, facilitate continuous improvement, and share information on performance with projects, operating companies, and their management. Ultimately, as performance improves, corporations implementing IPP will recognize the benefits of increased margins and improved safety and quality through lower costs achieved by increased performance.

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