Data Management System Services

General Overview

At the core of our methodology is the tool that we use to improve productivity; a comprehensive data management system. By collecting the appropriate data and entering it into a pre-programmed database capable of instant comparisons and subviews, we can analyze the data in a way that optimizes productivity. At PER, we have created and are continuously refining our Productivity Data Management System (PDMS) for use in craft productivity improvement.

That core process has application far beyond that of craft productivity. Any area that could be managed better with a comprehensive data management system will benefit with a similar approach. So, whether it's safety, quality, sales or any other area, having a comprehensive data management system will allow you to manage it better and enhance your performance. At PER, we can help you put PDMS in place and help you develop your own data management systems around areas that you want managed with this approach. Our Rapid Development Approach ensures you get a system that suits your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Our facilitation and project management skills combine to help you create a measurement system that provides information you can confidently take action on.
  • PER's Rapid Development Approach is cost-effective and allows for a quick and smooth implementation.
  • Data Management is a great marketing tool. "Wow" your clients in sales presentations by showing a demonstration of how productivity, safety, or quality is managed using data management tools and techniques.

PER's Development Process

  • Phase I : In Phase I of our process, we facilitate the definition of your product. Using a "reverse-engineering" approach, our consultant will help you "discover" the meaningful information you need to elevate your performance.
  • Phase II : Once the system conceptual definition is complete, our data management programmer will create a beta system that processes the information called for in Phase I. Once the first draft is complete, a formal review process with your team follows to demonstrate the Beta System and to identify any additions or modifications you prefer. This cycle continues at your discretion until the final system is authorized and beta testing begins. Using hypothetical data, PER will test the system to ensure system functionality is to your specifications.
  • Phase III : Once final system testing and debugging is complete, system documentation is completed and your users trained. At that point, the system is ready to be used at your discretion, helping you save millions of dollars and giving you a marketing tool to show your existing and prospective clients how you make informed, proactive decisions using data management systems and techniques.