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Our Company

Productivity Enhancement Resources, Inc. (PER) is a firm specializing in providing performance improvement services for the engineering and construction industry . We utilize award-winning industry "Best Practice" measurement techniques, combined with proven Lean Construction and Total Quality Management concepts to drive improvement of project execution performance and ultimately help clients increase their bottom lines.

Our Mission

To assist clients in creating more productive work processes by applying our tools, technology, expertise and support specific to each client's unique opportunities.

Our performance measurement focuses on the implementation of supplemental metrics which are designed to drive improvement of execution elements that are historically proven to have a positive influence on safety, quality and productivity performance. These elements include (but are not limited to):

Clients and Industries Served

Our services have been implemented successfully across a broad spectrum of industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities (fossil, hydro and nuclear), Chemical Products, Refinery Products, industrial fabrication for both onshore and offshore facilities and many more.

We have provided improvement services to many industry leading engineering and construction companies and facility owners.

Parent Companies Served Subcontractor Company Collaborations Subcontractor Company Collaborations
Exxon MobilPaenalSaipem
EssoFluor DanielPetromar
Imperial OilBechtel
BP Products North AmericaDragados
J. Ray McDermottJacobs
Tennessee Valley AuthoritySNC-Lavalin
Fluor DanielRCA
Building Trades of AlbertaB&W
Southern NuclearTechint

We have accumulated a wealth of experience from traveling around the globe to cover work processes in North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, South east Asia, Australia, and Europe.

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